The RESEARCH CENTER IN SYSTEMS ECOLOGY AND SUSTAINABILITY (RCSES) continued the ecological research performed by the staff of the Ecology Chair from the Faculty of Biology in the 80’s, being recognized as Excellence Research Center in 2001 and 2006 by the National Council of Scientific Research. Now, RCSES is the entity of the University of Bucharest for multi and trans-disciplinary research in systems ecology and sustainability. RCSES teams up with the Department of Systems Ecology and Sustainability in providing top level support for the development and implementation of Sustainability Science.

   RCSES integrates both basic research related to defining and modeling the structure, dynamics and stability conditions of interrelated terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems and applied research for deeper understanding of interactions within and between socio-ecological systems.

   RCSES integrates observation systems and curiosity driven research, from the smallest scale of genetic diversity to large-scale and even to whole-Earth System. We work across disciplines and facilitate academic, public, private and voluntary sector partnerships. RCSES has extensive experience in long-term monitoring, analysis and modeling, providing early warnings of change and management solutions for our land-waterscapes.



To provide scientific support

To provide the scientific support of a new vision regarding the hierarchical organization of the natural and social environment in complex coupled socio-ecological systems at different spatial scales (local, regional, national, European, global) by implementation of inter, multi and trans-disciplinary research programmes;

To develop support

To develop support platforms for sustainable governance of socio-ecological systems across spatial scales;

To support and promote

To support and promote the post-graduate education programmes and to develop long-life training programmes in the inter- and trans-disciplinary domain of systems ecology and sustainability of socio-ecological systems.


Knowledge development on the carrying capacity of the Natural Capital in relation to the metabolism of socio-economic systems;

Development and strengthening of the infrastructure for research and integrated monitoring of socio-ecological complexes in Romania;

Management of the national network of long-term socio-ecological research sites as part of the international networks;

Development of information support system to assist decision making;

Involvement in the development and updating of strategies and policies in the field of environment and sustainable development;

Human resources training in the field of systems ecology and adaptive ecosystem management.